Ice Cream


The name Merry Monarch comes from king Charles II of England. Charles II was known as the Merry Monarch because of his love of food and celebration. He spent a lot of time in the royal banquet hall hosting parties. One of these parties contained the first documented banquet menu of ice cream being served. Like Charles, we believe that ice cream is something luxurious, fun, and to be shared with everyone. 

We make our base in house from some of the best organic, grass-fed dairy in the state of Texas. For our custard bases, we source only local, organic eggs of the highest quality and we make all our mix-ins, unless otherwise specified, in-house. 

We believe that the more ingredients you have control of, the more premium it can be.

We come from a professional chef background and use a particular philosophy we've picked up from one cuisine when we make our scoops-Japanese, in particular, sushi. Sushi believes in making the perfect bite and we aim for that in our scoops. Every scoop has different textural and flavor components to give the fullest experience in each bite.

We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it!